New cup

Lucy isn't the best eater. She's still very attached to milk and up until this week, still drank most of it from a bottle. We tried a few sippy cups, which she was okay with. But she never really get into it. Then, on a whim, I bought these little disposable cups at Target and she LOVES them! In fact, for the past two days, she's only had her bottle before her nap and before bedtime. They are really cute and tiny and she looks funny drinking them. They hold 4 oz of liquid. And you get 6 cups in a pack so it's a deal! The other day at the mall toys, she had one in her hands and was walking around, drinking. But she really wanted to go on the slide at the same time. So she gripped the cup with her teeth (look mom! no hands!) and climbed up the slide with both hands and feet, while still holding the cup in her mouth. What a cooky girl.
She's really perfected the slide, however. Yesterday she figured out how to slide down on her seat! She was very proud of herself and did it over and over again, looking up at me at the end with a smile on her face. What a cutie.

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