NEW YORK trip: Day 4

This morning was by far the most relaxing. We both slept in till 9am (then Casey hurried off to work) and I didn't leave the hotel till 11am! It was actually kinda cold outside, so I wore long pants and a sweater. Nothing exciting to note in the morning. I just wandered the streets and bought some $5 sunglasses. Woohoo.
Casey left work early, so we met up at 12:30 and had a few hours to play before our nightime adventure. We decided to check out the financial district. Sadly, you can't look in on the New York Stock Exchange (we wanted to be so Ferris Bueller, only NY and not Chicago). But here's the famous outside. I'm sure you've seen this picture once or ten times:

The financial district was busy with, well, financial men walking around and taking smoking breaks. I thought Casey fit in with his laptop strapped across his chest:
And this man meant business. He was protecting the buildings.
After Wall Street, we dropped off our stuff at the hotel and headed to Rockefeller Plaza for a Conan O'Brien taping! Fun times, fun times. With an NBC/Universal hook-up, we didn't have to wait in line, which was so dreamy. So we showed up around 4:30 and the fun began.

Conan is a funny man. And he is honestly skinnier and taller in person than I imagined. His suit was so tailor-fit and so skiiiiny! It made me laugh. He came out before the show to chat with us for a few minutes. And then, on with the show. The guests were so-so: Kevin Dillon from Entourage and Jim Cramer from Mad Money. He was mostly making fun of Jim the whole time, so that's always entertaining. Max and the band were great. They played good stuff and joked around with the audience. The studio is much smaller than it looks on camera, but Conan's desk still seemed far away, so we found ourselves watching the TV monitors a lot of the time. The best part of the show was probably the 5 min clip they played when we were waiting for the taping to start, from his 9th anniversary show. Man, there have been some funny moments on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I'm glad we got to see it all happen! Eric and Laura must go there one of these days. They'll be in Florida for Christmas this year, not CT...so the fun will have to wait.

After Conie, we took the subway over to Brooklyn for supposedly "the best pizza in NY" at, Grimaldi's. It came recommended by two different sources. The place was small and packed, but we didn't have to wait long for a table. We ordered a large pepperoni and two rootbeers and ate it all!

It was yummy, but we westerners still think that Roundtable might be a little better. We won't say that outloud here in NY. The location of Grimaldi's was great, right under the Brooklyn Bridge. There were beautiful sights of the city across the water and everything just felt a little slower paced and cleaner. It was a nice breather.

And that's it folks.
Day 4! Good night.


Heather said...

A little envious of the Conan taping... how cool is that?!?!?

So glad you're having a great time. Thanks for keeping us involved in your supercool adventure!

The Miller Family: said...

Wait i'm confused....is that Casey with the gun and helmet. Cuz it's his twin. Not like Arnold and Danny TWINS more like the Olsen twins

Brittany said...

I love your minute-by-minute recounting of your trip. I feel like I'm on vacation, too!

Mrs. Suman said...

Jim Cramer is Mark's hero!