Since Rachael and Brennan only have a few weeks before moving to Arizona, they've been packing in all the fun Cali pastimes. And on Monday, they organized a bonfire at Corona Del Mar beach in Orange County. I hadn't been to that beach forever and it brought back so many fun childhood memories of swimming, catching crabs on the rocks, and hanging out with the Suman cousins.
Having a bonfire was a first for many in our group: Laura, Ava, little Savanna, and miss Lucy! Casey had class that night, so I was on my own with the brave little Lucy. I was mostly concerned that she'd want to jump in the fire. But I was wrong on that. She really just wanted to roam the beach and get sand on anything she touched. We were only there for a minute, and she immediately put her hands in this bucket of wet sand:
Then she took off running (as fast as you can run on the beach):
She would have walked right into the water if I hadn't stopped her. It was so funny to watch her walking on the sand. She seriously looked like a drunkard, swaying side to side and stumbling:

Ava was perfectly content sitting on her blanket and eating a sock:
It will be fun next summer when she's running around with Lucy and the other kids.
Carter and Lucy had fun looking out at the water:
Carter says so many words now, and it's really adorable to hear him address us each by name. "Wooosy? Woosy?" (that's Lucy)
We ate some good hotdogs, chips, potato salad, and of course made s'mores. I felt like a juggling act the whole time watching Lucy, while cooking my food, and following her around. But it was well worth it. We all had a great time! And we'll have to do it again!
I think my purse still smells like bonfire. It's the gift that keeps giving, all week long.

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Brittany said...

Dana, I can't believe how cute Lucy is. You guys do a lot of fun stuff!