Final Observations

I was cleaning out our pictures and decided to make one final post about our trip.
Here are some quick observations of NYC and Boston.

- The city smells like garbage. No kidding. It is so refreshing to walk past a hotdog stand or better yet, fresh candied nuts. Other than that, the air smells like trash.
- Pedestrians honestly run the town. They walk when it's red, as long as they can clear the crosswalk before a cab runs them over. Cars have to honk their horns when approaching an intersection to warn pedestrians that they're coming. How frustrating for a driver.
- There are few grocery stores around. So there are tons of these little fruit stands on the street. Surprisingly, they are decent priced:
- For the most part, New Yorkers are very helpful. If you need directions, just ask!
- Bugaboo strollers are everywhere. And usually, it's a nanny out with the baby.

- The city also smells like smoke. I haven't smelled that much cigarette smoke in a long time. People everywhere are just smoking...often on a smoking break from work.
- Fashion over comfort. People walk the streets in heels like these:
- Lots of movies take place in NY. I found myself referencing movies all week.
- NYC is a fun fun place and if you've never been (or have been) you gotta go!

- Cleaner and more manageable than New York City. Smells like...nothing...smells normal/clean.
- Charming architecture and beautiful brick buildings.
- Dunkin Donuts on every corner. I think I counted 7 Dunkin Donuts in the 1st hour we were there:
- Inefficient subway system (called The T) with small trains that don't come frequently enough. The New York subway system is awesome and far superior to Boston's.
- There are cute little window flower boxes everywhere. I loved them!

- Lastly.....the great accents.

I'm sure there's more and more. But that's it. Vacation is fun, but real life is great too. Time to do some laundry!

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