BOSTON Trip: Day 7 (Final Day)

Since we've done plenty of walking this trip, we decided to rent a car and drive around. Our concierge highly recommended Cape Cod and that's just what we did.
It didn't take long to get out of Boston. Within 10 minutes, we were surrounded by green trees on the highway. It was really beautiful, but I had imagined the drive would be more like California and PCH, where you can see the ocean all along your drive. But I guess that's not the case out here. Too much greenery. So we just had to jump off the highway every so often and head into the little towns to see the Cape Cod coast.
First we stopped at Plymouth and saw the famous pilgrim sites. The town is very charming in scenery and architecture:

And here's the famous Plymouth Rock site.
There's a whole history to the rock (which I won't get into), but the short of it is: this isn't actually where the rock originally sat. And it's smaller than it once was. But here you go folks:
We continued our drive and stopped at a beach in the town of Chatham. Everything in the town was picturesque. But the beach was the best. Beautiful soft white sand and pretty blue water.

We can't believe we forgot our swimsuits! (they're back at the hotel). I love the grass growing in the sand:
The final end of our drive was at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown.
We had fun walking the streets, going into little shops, and best of all eating some yummy Gelato.

Mmmm. I want more now. Then we headed back to Boston. Overall it was about a 3 hour drive from Boston to the Provincetown, with stops along the way. Not bad and great to see other parts of the state.
When dropping off the rental car, we had to drive through Boston downtown for a bit. And man....we could not wait to get rid of the vehicle. It's so much better being a pedestrian!
Our final stop of the trip was at a high-end seafood place for Casey called Legal Seafoods. Casey got the Lobster meal he's always wanted. Bummer I didn't have my camera, because the lobster looked so cool when it came out with the pinchers attached and all. Yummy food and a great finish to our fun trip. I'm excited to see little Lucy tomorrow. We've had fun, but I've missed our little girl. See ya East Coast!


The Willards said...

What a fun trip you guys had, and without Lucy!!! It makes me really excited for our trip to NYC in July (without the girls) and then our trip to BOS and the Cape in Oct. Thanks for the play by play, it was fun!!

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

Gelato, is so good. I miss real italian Gelato but I have had some pretty good stuff here. You trip looks like a dream - so fun!