NEW YORK trip: Day 2

Today was the day of walking. Casey and I got out of the door around 8am and made our breakfast stop at...Dunkin Donuts! (they are EVERYwhere here, and actually, they're one of Casey's clients). Then Casey went his way and headed south on the subway to go to work. And I headed the other direction, uptown on foot. I just started walking up Fifth Avenue, and kept on going. I prob walked about 100 blocks or so, and well, tomorrow may be a day of less walking. I'm definitely feeling it. I kinda felt like the little orphans on Annie ("we're never gonna get there" as they count the blocks up to Daddy Warbuck's house)
I first passed the New York Public Library (totally Ghostbusters. "Get her?! That was your big plan Ray?....Get her?!")
Then I came to Rockefeller Center and checked out The Today Show crowds. They were doing an outside cooking segment. So I got to snap a few (not so close) shots of Ann Curry. But hey, they were only for my husband who is enamored with her beauty and replied "hubba hubba!" when he saw the pics.

After NBC, I passed the beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral:

Next I walked through Saks 5th Ave store (you gotta do it, right?) and then headed to something more in my price range...H&M! There are 3 H&M stores in close proximity, it's crazy. I bought a fun new shirt and some stuff for Lucy. And then I was back on the street for more walking.

I passed Trump Tower.
The girl on the front looks like Paris to me. Hmmmm....Sorry Ivanka.
And then it was on to Central Park! Central Park really is amazing. I think I only walked through 1/3 of it, and I felt like I had seen so much. It is so beautiful, relaxing, green, and really cool to see all the large buildings peeking over the tops of the trees. People were riding bikes, catching sun rays, and just hanging out. What an oasis in the middle of chaos.

From Central Park I headed over to Broadway, in the Lincoln Center Area. I walked through a very cute residential street that was so charming. And then I saw this sign:
I agree. If I lived here, I wouldn't want people honking either.

On Broadway I kept walking north....looking for a bagel shop that Giada recommended on her weekend getaway show. I finally came to it, all the way up on 80th. And it wasn't all that. They don't even offer cream cheese on the bagels! boo. Oh well, I was on a mission, and I found it. At this point, I finally turned around and headed back south. My feet were really tired and I knew I needed some rest so I went to a movie. Oceans 13 had JUST started, so that was what I saw. It was actually pretty good. Still not as good as the first, but FAR better than the 2nd one. It was nice to have a little break on my feet. And after the 2 hour break, I was ready to hit the street again. And I immediately walked to the subway to take me back home. I stopped at the hotel to freshen up before our night-life adventure.
Casey's work was having a softball game.....so we went to check it out! Of course, where do you play softball in NYC? Well, we took the subway up to 125th street in Harlem (that alone was worth it)
Then we took a bus over to a small island called Wards Island. If you look at it on a map, it's completely green and full of sports fields. What a great idea! The only bummer part about it all, is that we couldn't find them. We walked around for 45 min from field to field and saw lots of other teams playing....but no one from Hall and Partners. And it started to rain on us. We had fun though. An adventure, right? So we hopped on the bus, headed back to the mainland, and got some dinner. Casey had the huggest Tuna Melt. We honestly could not believe how much tuna was in there.
So there was our nightlife! Actually, we finished the day full-circle by stopping back at the same Dunkin Donuts which is also a Baskin Robbins for some ice cream. Casey got this horrible black and blue berry ice cream and loved it. But it made his mouth nasty blue. He hates this picture. I think he looks like an ork. Sorry for the gross picture
Great day 2.
Thanks for all your good comments! It's fun to know that people are reading.


Garrett Family said...

Hi Dana! I found your blog off of Rachael's and I feel like a snoop so I thought I'd let you know I love reading. NYC is so fun and your pics make me want to go back soon. Take Care, Claudia :o) By the way Lucy is soo cute. Our family blog www.garrettfam.blogspot.com

rachael said...

looks like you guys are having fun! i like the play by play. my first experience to h & m was in ny! i love it there. i want to go back! maybe next summer! p.s. thanks for the way cute clip for savanna!

rachael said...

i like h & m, i love ny....

lettieb said...

I just recently found your blog. It will be nice to keep up with you guys. I thought it was funny you went to Saks just 'cuz, because when Nate and I went to NYC a few years ago I went to Saks to barf in their bathroom! I'm not kidding. I was so sick and we couldn't find a bathroom anywhere nearby, so I went in there to throw up. Good times...

the Willards said...

yea! there are new people to add to my blog! Colette, I love that you barfed in Saks. What a perfect setting. Rachael, I agree. I like H&M, and I heart NY. And Claudia, fun to hear from you! I actually checked in on your blog once :) I guess now I shall leave a comment!

The Miller Family: said...

ok the last 2 pics of New York Trip: Day 2 i think i could live without. looks fun there. You guys could totally live there huh?