Let's give em something to CHAD about

Some of you may have heard, but there's a total In-N-Out rip-off restaurant in Utah called "Chadders". And they're being sued by In-N-Out for basically, copying their entire restaurant idea. Since both my brothers worked at In-N-Out for years, they keep us in the know about this sort of stuff. My brother Mark and his wife Sara went to Chadder's the other night to check it out and most importantly, take undercover photos for all of us. You will not believe how much they copied In-N-Out. I mean, sure, have a similar burger, but come up with a different design and marketing scheme. Por favor!
Here's the story from the OC Register:
And here are some pictures!
It's unbelievable how similar the two are:
My brother said the burger was not nearly as good as In-N-Out, but that the fries were actually better:
For Mark's full detailed review, check out his blog!

And may I close with this line from the OC Register:
"With limited locations in three states (Arizona, Nevada and California), long lines are typical whenever a new unit opens. In-N-Out has plans to open its first Utah restaurant in 2008."
Let's hope it's true!
bye bye Chadders

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