Day in the OC

Monday and Tuesday were long days, since Casey had classes going late into the night. So Lucy and I decided to get out of the house yesterday and go on a "road trip?" to the OC and hang out with the family! We stopped in HB at the fabric store and then in Costa Mesa to see Grandpa at work. Lucy loved wandering around his office and climbing the stairs. I think she really wanted to climb in the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. Then we met up with Camille and her friend (and the kids) at South Coast Plaza for some lunch. Good conversation and fast food. Lucy was a little bored and very ready for a nap (by 1pm) so we didn't do any shopping afterward. And once we were in the car, she completely zonked out. Here's "Lucy is bored at lunch":

We then headed down to Rancho and spent the rest of the afternoon playing at Gram and Grandpa's house. Lucy slept for 3 hours while I ran errands. And once she was up....she was ready to play. She and Jeremy spent hours playing in the backyard. She loved it! She explored everything, touched everything, and threw pebbles in Gram's fountain.
Her favorite toy though was this little push car that she could sit on.
It took her a while to figure out how to swing her leg over and climb aboard. And she got kinda frustrated figuring it out. But once she was on, she just scooted along and had so much fun! Jeremy and I took turns pushing her around the yard which she loved too.

Jeremy is so cute with her. I'm sure it's fun to have another little kid around. And Lucy just lights up when she sees him.
She was sitting calmly in her stroller when we met up with them yesterday. And the moment she saw Jeremy, she started kicking and bouncing and smiling, and couldn't wait to get out of her seat. It's really cute.
While the kids played in the backyard, I was able to work on some projects at the kitchen table, Gram made homemade apricot jam from apricots she grew herself! (how totally organic) and even Grandpa was home working on a project on the couch. We all had fun chatting and working away. By 7pm I packed up to go and literally had pull Lucy off the push toy. She enjoyed it that much. Good thing she's spending ALL next week there with Gram, Grandpa, and Jeremy! She'll get plenty of toy time. Yea for the OC.

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Jenn said...

I just noticed her clip. Is that one that you made? So Cute!