Clean Tub! It's MAGIC

Since we're leaving for New York tomorrow and will be gone for a week (woohoo)...it was time for a thorough house-cleaning. It's so nice to come home to a clean place after a long trip.
Top priority on my list was: the bathroom, namely, the bathtub. I know it needs to be cleaned more frequently than it is, but honestly...no matter how hard I scrub it, it still looks black and dirty. It's an old house, it's an old tub, and it's never looked cleaned. So there's really no incentive to scrub away at it. But the other day (okay, it was at least a month ago) Sarah Ragozzine was over and told me that her tub once looked just like mine, but then she tried the MAGIC Eraser and it came clean white!

Sarah gave me a Magic Eraser to try out. And so...a month later I got around to cleaning the tub, and I am here to say that SERIOUSLY, the Magic Eraser is totally magic! My tub is WHITE! I have tried all sorts of other cleansers, brushes, etc. in the past and nothing worked. This time I simply used Ajax and the Magic Eraser sponge and voila! I have no idea what's in the Eraser (it just looks like a white sponge). In fact there aren't any real instructions on the package other than: get sponge wet and scrub. But a magician never reveals his secrets.
And to prove my amazement with the product, I took before and after pics of the tub so you can see for yourself. I'm a little embarrassed about the "before" pics, but please note that the gross pink/orange stains are from the drippy faucet. I think there's some rust in the spout that just drips down all day, and thus, leaves the stains. Okay, enough gross info. Just enjoy the beautiful final product!


If you've never tried the Magic Eraser (by Mr. Clean) you must pick one up! They come in a 2-pack. And I definitely used-up both sponges in this first cleaning. Of course next time I clean (which will be more frequently) I can probably reuse the same sponge a few times. Yea for the bald man and his Magic!


Mrs. Suman said...

LOVE love those things!

Heather said...

They even work on flat/matte wall paint without taking off the paint, which I don't understand since a cloth with water will rip the paint right off without cleaning the stain. Or that's what happened at our place in VA, and yet the magic eraser cleaned everything and got us our entire deposit returned!

The orange/pink water stains happen here, too. My neighbour said it's red mold or something. I don't know, but I know you're not the only one!

Brittany said...

Great! I used it on my kitchen table once. I had left a ruler on the table that I had used with a red sharpie. Someone spilled water on the table and I was left with a pink ruler-shaped stain on my light colored wood table. The Magic Eraser took off the marker, and also the shiny finish of the table. I was expecting it to take off the finish, though, so it was ok. It was a tradeoff I was willing to make.

I was thinking of using it to take off dark red Crayola of my beautiful new white walls, but I'm a little hesitant.

lettieb said...

I will admit to not cleaning my tub for a month. It is also old, but mostly I am lazy. We had bad rust stains and the guy at Home Depot said to use CLR and it worked great!