Friday Night Lights

Since most of your TV shows have ended for the season, I'm sure you're itching for something to watch. Guess what...NBC is re-playing Friday Night Lights Season 1 on tv! (or you can watch all episodes online here).
I know my family is sick of my shameless plug for a show I have no attachment to, but honestly...it is the best show on television. And it's only 30% football. It's mostly about real people and real lives. The characters are great, the acting is real, the camerawork is interesting, good music, and I seriously love the coach, his wife, and his daughter. They are the best part of the show.
I'm not sure when the re-runs come on, but they're airing on NBC. If you have tivo, set a season pass to catch all repeat episodes. It's okay if you've missed the first few episodes. Casey and I came into it about 4 episodes late and we're just now re-watching the ones we missed.
Okay, I'll step off my tv soapbox with one last comment: it is 10 thousand times more interesting than The OC.

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The Miller Family: said...

your so Friday Night Lights! I dont even live in Cali and I know how into it you are. I'm totally gonna watch it. When your husband works from 6pm-7am you watch a lot of TV. Thanks D!