BOSTON Trip: Day 6

What a beautiful day in a golden city. The sun was shining bright all day long and we sure did a lot of walking outside. First we headed to Harvard. No Elle Woods, but a beautiful campus full of old brick buildings and cool pillars.

We never found a real “entrance” that said: HARVARD (maybe we were looking in the wrong place). But just as I said to Casey, “there’s no: Enter to Learn, Go Forth To Serve sign, we noticed this phrase above an archway entryway, “Enter to Grow in Wisdom”… (it's kinda hard to see, but it's on the archway above Casey's head)
From Harvard we walked along Cambridge Street and stopped in a deli for stuffed French toast (another Amy recommend. Mmm, yummy) and then walked a bizzillion blocks down to the Museum of Science a the end of Cambridge. The museum was fun and very interactive. But there were a few too many children there on field trips, so the place was a zoo.
Our bodies were beat from all the walking, so spent a couple hours just chilling and then…on to Fenway park! Casey got us some great tickets to the sold out Red Sox/Giants game and we enjoyed all of it. We walked along Newbury Street to get there (akin to the Champs Elysses or Rodeo Drive). I liked this pretty door:
Around 6:30, we headed toward the park and followed the hard-core fans in the right direction. There was a mixed bag of Sox and Giants fans. Tons of Red, but tons of Orange too.

For me, the best part was just watching all the people around us. The boston accents are real folks, “hot dogs hee-ah…getcha hot dogs”. That always makes me laugh. This game was exciting for everyone because the Giants haven’t played the Red Sox is a few decades. And it was the first time Barry Bonds has ever played at Fenway. Since Red Sox fans pride themselves as purists of the game, they really despise Barry for the steroid mess going on. So, when Barry came to the plate the crowds all boooooo’d him. It was pretty funny. Then they started yelling “Ster-oids, Ster-oids” over and over again. Barry was not welcome. And he didn’t hit any homers.
Fenway Park is a cool stadium and there really aren’t any bad seats. It’s smaller than most stadiums, and it’s an old park, so the seats don’t go too high.
We were in the outfield near the famous Green Monster (the green wall).
The Red Sox had a good night and they beat the Giants. Woohoo!
We took the subway (the T) back to the hotel and we must have entered it a station too late, because every train that stopped for us was literally packed with people. The doors opened and no one got off, so none of us got on. That happened three times as trains pulled up, until finally we found one with room. Holy cow. Great day though!

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