A day at the REAL beach

So I know I have about 4 posts re: Lucy at the beach or the pool...but this one is at the REAL beach. And it's her first time in the real waves! We drove down to Huntington Beach last Saturday and spent a few hours hanging out on the sand and water with Eric/Laura/Ava, Camille/Jeremy, and Meredith. It was a last minute adventure and we sure had fun.
As precedence has shown, Lucy was her brave little self that day and just loved the waves.
She'd run into the water, get pummeled by a wave, struggle to get up, and keep charging forward. Honestly, I'm not sure what will stop this kid...except maybe a really strong wave that finally knocked her down and caused her to eat major sand. She was ready for a break after that one. Here's one episode of Lucy and the waves:

Once out of the salty water, we put her little robe on (it's the best! Better than a towel cause she'll keep it on) and she sat shivering on my lap for 5 minutes.
Aside from the waves, she enjoyed playing in the soft sand with Casey and Jeremy.
And once we had her dry clothes on, she still wanted to run out in the water. What a funny girl. (check out Jeremy on his boogie board)
Ava, as always, was smiley and content on her blanket. She is such an adorable little girl:
And here are Eric, Laura, and Camille:
Sadly, Meredith went for a long run (pre-season cross country time) so no pics of her! Fun day at the beach.
And I just love this picture. Here are Lucy and Ava at Eric & Laura's Huntington apartment before we headed to the beach.

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The Willards said...

That little Lucy is fearless. The video of her walking out to sea is hilarious. She looks so cute wrapped up in her towel.