Sewing Party

Rachael, Camille, and I all have sewing projects we've been putting off. Sew...we all got together at my mom's house for 2 days and had a little sewing party! We brought our machines, sat at the kitchen table and worked away.
Rachael was making some rag quilts for her kids and as gifts.
Camille has embarked on a really cool 60s-style quilt that's gonna take a while, but it is the coolest/modern quilt I've ever seen. I hope she finishes it! And I worked on a variety of things for my Joon Bug line. I mostly worked on Diaper Rags. And I started on a pattern for my carseat covers. So, progress was made by all. We felt like our grandparents, getting together for quilting parties. It was so fun! I can see why they did it!
Jeremy and the toys kept Lucy entertained for most of the day. But what she really loved best were the scraps of Camille's brown fabric that had fallen to the floor. She picked each one up, put it on her head, and just left it there. It was making us all laugh. She walked around with a hat of fabric scraps on her head.
Brennan kept Rachael's kids at home so she could work without distractions, but of course they had to come play with us for a few hours (Jeremy and Lucy loved it - and note the scraps still on her head).
And then we all went to Souplantation for dinner.
What a fun couple of days! I'd say, let's do it every week...but lugging 2 sewing machines around is not ideal. Good thing I now have the motivation to keep working on it up here!


The Willards said...

What a fun idea. You guys are all so talented it sounds like. I am a rookie, but working on a couple quilts as we speak.

Loved the pictures of Lucy with the scraps on her head. The little cutie!! Oh the things that keep them busy & amused. One has got to be grateful they are so simple.

Mike, Darci & Molly said...

Lucy cracks me up! That is hilarious! A sowing group, great idea. I've been thinking about doing something like that, either cooking or sowing but it is so hard to get a group together and a place big enough. Way to go.

the bates motel said...

i know it was a way fun time! we should definetly do it again. glad we all got stuff done too!

Heather said...

What a fun idea!