The Girls

Sarah Ragozzine and I have started a new Monday morning babysitting swap. And today was the first day. So Chloe came over to our house to play for a few hours. Only, both girls spent most of the hours sleeping! Chloe slept for almost 5 hours! (and Lucy slept for 3) By 2:45, I decided to go check on Chloe and make sure she was still breathing. And there she was, just sitting up in bed, awake, clutching her little doll, and not making a sound. It was adorable. I guess she just needed some time "wake up". I feel the same way on most days.
Once the two girls were awake, however, they had great fun following each other around the house, taking bites of my cheese sandwich, and playing on our back porch. They both stood at the railing and copied each other, slapping their hands on the rail. It was really adorable. Here are some pics and a little video of the fun we had (please note Lucy's face about 1/2 way through the video):


the bates motel said...

hieee! sorry i didn't get back to you, but looks like you figures it out! cute background. glad you know how just in case i want to change mine one day. cute pics of lucy. funny about the organizing thing! cute!

Brittany said...

Wow! What a great idea!! Where were Lucy and Chloe when Alexander was that age??

My sister and I started doing a weekly date night babysitting swap. So Daniel and I get to go on a date every other week! That's amazing, since the first two years (plus) of Alexander's life we only went on ONE SINGLE date alone together.