Swimming Time

Lucy went swimming today for the 1st time! Well, sort of. We took her in the pool a year ago, but she was much too young to know what was going on. So this time, she had a ball! She wasn't too into wearing her swimming suit at first. She kept trying to pull it off. But she finally forgot about it. And once she got in the pool, she thought she could do it all (just like her walking). She kicked her legs, splashed her arms, and loved being spun around in circles.

At times, I think she was annoyed that I was holding her. It was as if she wanted to swim on her own. Of course whenever I let her sink a little in the water (so she would understand the reason I was holding her), she would swallow a little water and then start laughing, as if to say, "that was fun!" She's definitely not one for holding your hand or holding on tight. Fun day at the pool. Thanks Shelley for hosting!


Tim & Jean said...

Dana, you have the best pictures and videos!! Lucy is so cute in all of them. I love how she's doing her hand-flappies in the pool. Adorable!!

the bates motel said...

love the pools pics and video. she's so dang cute loving the splashing! looks like you guys had fun in rancho. we'll have to go when you get back from ny!

Brittany said...

That's cute. She's growing up! I love her swimsuit. I wonder if it comes in my size?